Traveling the Alpe Adria Bike Tour from Salzburg to Grado

Tauernschleuse motorail service from Böckstein to Mallnitz

Traveling south (Salzburg – Grado): At the end of Gastein Valley, you will have to use the “Tauernschleuse” motorail service (Böckstein – Mallnitz) in order to reach the south side of the main Alpine divide. This train connection generally runs hourly and takes only 11 minutes. Passengers are welcome to bring their bicycles with them.

The timetable and fares can be found at

Questions & Answers about Tauernschleuse Böckstein – Mallnitz:

  • How much room does the train have for bikes?

– Each motorail train can transport up to 50 bikes (a designated bicycle carriage 1 May – 30 September).

  • Tickets can be purchased locally/reservations are possible

– Ticket sales for bicycles (EUR 5) are only possible once you are here. Unfortunately, you cannot reserve a spot for your bike.

– Reservation opportunities (incl. bike) are available for IC/EC trains between Bad Gastein and Mallnitz.

  • Transportation options by minibus incl. bike trailer?

– Privately owned vehicles with a gross weight of 3.5 tons and trailers (max. total length 12.50 m) are transported for a price of EUR 27 per trip. Important: Your vehicle must comply with transportation conditions (max. width 2.50 m, height 3.60 m, length 12.5 m)

  • Are there alternatives for larger groups?

– For the IC/EC train between Bad Gastein and Mallnitz, booking enquiries are accepted through Austrian railways’ group reservations office.

Traveling north (Grado – Salzburg):

In order to avoid the 8 km-long, occasionally steep stage from Obervellach (elev. 687 m) to Mallnitz (1191 m), we recommend riding the train from Spittal (to Bad Gastein).

Timetable and prices:

Schwarzach – Dorfgastein:

The 11 km-long stage from Schwarzach to Klammstein (north of Dorfgastein) features very picturesque landscapes, but also two special aspects you should be aware of in advance:

On the one hand, the first section from Schwarzach to the so-called “Ausgleichsbecken” demands you cover 2.5 km with an elevation change of 130 meters; on the other, as you branch off into Gastein Valley, you will have to ride through the 1.5 km-long Klamm Tunnel.

The tunnel does provide a separate lane for bike riders. However, many riders prefer not to travel this 1.5 km by bicycle.

So, for everyone wanting to avoid riding this section, there are two alternatives:

  1. Take the train from Schwarzach to Dorfgastein. The IC/EC trains generally run every 2 hours and also transport bicycles. In order to take along your bicycle, you will have to purchase the appropriate IC/EC daily bike ticket, which also includes your seat reservation: EUR 10 per person or, with the “Vorteilskarte” discount card, just EUR 5 (, T (0)5 1717)   
  2. Take advantage of shuttle service provided by a local taxi company from Schwarzach to Klammstein (= after the Klamm Tunnel). Taxi Bamberger in Schwarzach, for example, with a stand right outside Schwarzach train station, Tel +43 (0)664/3387525, special fare for Alpe Adria cyclists: EUR 28 (= 4 people incl. bikes)